Token Creek Alpacas

TCAFA Gold Medal Simone

TCAFA Gold Medal Simone

August 2019 update: Simone is confirmed pregnant by Majestic Peruvian Ransom. We searched quite awhile for the correct male for Simone and chose Ransom.  With his density and staple consistency from top to bottom, we think this mating will produce an  exceptional cria. Simone is due in July of 2019.

Simone was born during the time Simone Biles was winning Olympic medals in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She’s the result of breeding our best white female, Sandles, to one of the most outstanding white males available in the US, Avalon’s Peruvian Tri-Star. We knew in her first day this female was special with her incredible fleece architecture and coverage. At her first show she placed fifth and while we were disappointed we knew she was better than that. A few weeks later she place 1st in her juvenile class and then went on to be chosen as the white female color champion! She clearly stepped up and proved she was worthy of her namesake.


TCAFA Best Bet

August 2018 update: Stunning! That’s the reaction every day when we take a look at her female cria by the breeding to our Talisman. She’s showing incredibly tight match stick fleece bundles at just a week of age. Those bundles are everywhere and the luster is just incredible. We’ll for sure be repeating this breeding for a duplicate of this awesome cria. Betty is due August 16,2019. Betty is offered without her cria.

Best Bet, aka Betty here on the farm, is a very nice young female, the result of crossing some of the best in the former Magical Farm Alpacas herd. Her sire is the 2010 Futurity Color Champion Crystal Spartan and dam is Peruvian Better in Black, now part of the well known breeding operation at Majestic Meadows in OH. Betty is lightly line bred on 4Peruvian Matador, one of the most prolific foundation black males in the nation, with over 250 registered offspring. Her fleece is uniform across her blanket with good extension.

TCAFA Bright Starlight

Starlight is one of a growing number of girls on our farm sired by our exceptional white male, Avalon’s Peruvian Tri-Star. Be sure to click on and check out her histogram, taken at 39 months of age. The highlights are: AFD 20.7, SD 3.8 and CV 18.3.  We’re going for color from Starlight and  bred her to our Jumanji son, Talisman for an early fall 2019 cria. We’re confident in crossing this TriStar daughter with the Jumanji line and this is a highly anticipated cria. She’s priced at a bargain right now which will go up in the summer of 2019.

Token Creek’s Lily

August 2018 update: Lily has be confirmed pregnant by Majestic Peruvian Ransom, an exceptional white son of MFI Peruvian Light Sabre. This is what Light Sabre’s owners have to say about him: “MFI Peruvian Light Sabre is an elite male. He has won multiple Judges’ Choice Awards under some of the best judges in the industry. His conformation is flawless and his body is densely covered with elite fleece. His phenotype is outstanding. It’s no wonder as his sire is the now deceased Mister Antonio, a male unbeaten in the show ring and acknowledged as one of the very best, most densely-fleeced sons of Peruvian Hemingway. His dam is Peruvian Love Bug, who has accoyo Bravado and Augusto in her pedigree.”  Lily is due in July of 2019.

We took a bit of a chance and did a line breeding for Lily and bred her to Tri-Star, her paternal grandsire. The result is an outstanding young male, Token Creek’s London, that we think is simply stunning in fleece quality. Watch for him in the show ring in the spring of 2018. Lily is from a maternal line that produces some of the easiest handling alpacas we’ve encountered, whether here at Token Creek or elsewhere. We like that trait very much. Add to that the proof of production quality and being a great mother and Lily is a great foundation female. I think we’ll be repeating the Tri-Star breeding this spring.


Update August 2018: Tawny is confirmed pregnant by Millenium’s Peruvian Ventura, a medium fawn multi champion herdsire with Hemingway appearing twice in his pedigree as well as 6Peruvian Accoyo Elite and 4Peruvian Legacy. Can you say “stellar packed pedigree”? Tawny is due in June of 2019

Tawny is from a maternal line where you have to be patient and give the offspring time to bloom. As a juvenile she was good but not great as her fine fleece didn’t readily exhibit the character needed to excel in the show ring. As a yearling she came into her own and did well for us at both the IL and WI 2017 spring shows. She place second in the 2yr and older halter class at the 2018 AOA National Show. She has very nice fineness and fleece character from base to tip. Tawny has been bred to medium fawn 8 time champion JLFA Millenium’s Peruvian Venture (AOA# 31625111) for a June 2019 birth. We looked hard for an exceptional fawn male for Tawny and found him close by right here in Wisconsin. We expect Venture’s strong staple character to complement Tawny very well.

MFI Sandles

Breeding update: Sandles is confirmed pregnant by Snowmass Accoyo Elite Ice with a 6/12/19 due date. Elite Ice has some of the best overall EPDs of all categories measured: top 5% in four categories, top 10% in three and top 15% in one. This will be one stellar cria!

How’s this for a production female? Two offspring, both female, both color champions! Sandles comes from one of the best paternal lines ever produced at Magical Farm Alpacas. Her sire is MFI Peruvian Quest and with him comes MFI Peruvian Abundance, Snowmass Millennium, 4Peruvian Legacy and Starr Kahn. Her maternal line includes White Out who left the United States for Australia early in his breeding career. Sandles is a rock solid foundation female that maintains body condition well throughout lactation, and has proven to be a very attentive dam. We wish we could have a pasture full of dams like Sandles.

MTV Stardust

2018 update: Stardust has been confirmed pregnant with a LondonDairy Giovanni cria. We had two previous crias by Giovanni and loved them both. This mating should produce another stellar Stardust cria.

We were delighted to purchase this lovely female at the Midwest Select Alpaca Auction in 2011. Star Dust’s calm manner, proud carriage, and excellent conformation caught our attention. But, it was her lovely white fiber that convinced us to bring her home! Star Dust has a small dark fawn spot tucked into her beautiful white fiber so we bred her to Avalon’s Majestic Peruvian Talisman (dark fawn) to work with that spot. From that breeding Star Dust gave birth to an outstanding female. Melody. Her fawn fleece is amazing with extreme brightness and bundling. The birth was unassisted, Star Dust is her usual good mother and the cria is gaining well.