Token Creek Alpacas

Token Creek Derby’s Julep

Token Creek Derby’s Julep

Julep is the daughter of our Judge’s Choice and Color Champion foundation dam Token Creek’s Derby Girl. We leased her sire, Bravado’s Allianza Medallion back in 2010 to bring uniformity to a few of our females and that’s exactly what he did. Take a look at Julep’s histogram at the link below to get a sense of her fleece qualities. We sold Julep a couple years ago and through a change of circumstance with the buyers, we were able to purchase her back. Julep is confirmed pregnant by our Paca Paradise White Walker for an October 2021 cria. Julep is a perfect light fawn color and will bring very correct conformation and high quality fleece qualities to your breeding program.

Token Creek’s Lily

Check out Lily’s registration certificate and see the notable names there. Then take a look at her histogram taken at the age of 31 months. AFD of 21.5 should be nice for anyone’s breeding program. But then go to the Alpaca Owner’s Association, login and look up her EPDs. One category she’s in the top 15% bracket and 5 in the top 25%. But notice this: she just missed the 15% bracket buy just a few points in four measurement categories. Yes she’s that nice. Lily is a great mom with easy deliveries, attentive and with plenty of milk for good cria weight gains.

Lily has been confirmed pregnant via ultrasound by our White Walker for a September of 2021 birth. Check out White Walker’s information here and learn why we’re so anticipating this cria.

MTV Stardust

We were delighted to purchase this lovely female at the Midwest Select Alpaca Auction in 2011. Stardust’s calm manner, proud carriage, and excellent conformation caught our attention. But, it was her lovely white fiber that convinced us to bring her home! Star Dust has a small dark fawn spot tucked into her beautiful white fiber so we bred her to Avalon’s Majestic Peruvian Talisman (dark fawn) to work with that spot. From that breeding Stardust gave birth to an outstanding female. Melody. Her fawn fleece is amazing with extreme brightness and bundling. Stardust is proven to be a great dam with crias showing very good weight gain while nursing.

Stardust is bred to our White Walker for a September 2021 cria and we are so anticipating that birth. Check out White Walker here.